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It is becoming increasingly popular to lead a healthy lifestyle and be phyisically fit, which is why we at Topmarks Performance offer training routines planned to your specific needs, whether it is to build up strength, tone, increase core strength, improve fitness levels, Topmarks Performance will give you guidance to how these goals can become reality, without having to travel to a gym. TopMarks Performance offers one to one, couples and group sesssions within the comfort of your own home. All portable equipment is provided by Topmarks Performance. 




As a pescetarian for the last eight years my ambition to increase my fitness, physique and personal strength was often met with apprehension and disbelief by others. However, through my personal experience I endeavour to show my clients that it is possible to have the physique and level of fitness that you wish through sheer determination and an exercise regime tailored to your needs which I can offer you.

From first hand experience I understand the necessity and power of goals and ambition. Through my passion and love of fitness and training others I can turn your goals in to reality. No matter what your starting point any goal is always achievable.

I studied at YMCA fit in Central London; one of the UK’s leading training establishments. I qualified with an Advanced Diploma (Level 4) in Personal Training and specialise in the following:-


  • Metabolic Training

  • Fitness Testing

  • Exercise Nutrition

  • Suspension Fitness (TRX)

  • Pad Work (Boxing)

  • Group Training

  • HIIT (High intensity interval training)

  • Kettle bell training

  • Calisthenics

  • and more

Mark Gibbs 

Personal Trainer

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